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Reading list, October 2023


This reading list explores published ideas, artistic expressions, characters, and business channelling the Creator archetype in adbūtam rasa.



Archetype → Creator

Rasa → Adbūtham


October 2023

Artistic expressions channelling archetype in rasa

  • Seylon Stills’s ‘Laki's Birds’ was inspired by nature and the random sounds that come about to make a beautiful soundscape. "Laki's Birds" draws inspiration from nature, capturing the spontaneity of random sounds to create a harmonious soundscape. The musical compositions are a collaboration between nature and human, combining human-made music with bird calls, embodying the Creator archetype which absorbs the world’s experiences and reproduces it new. This music has been designed for individuals to play it across various devices simultaneously, echoing the serendipity of natural sounds blending together to form a symphony. Some of this work, recorded shortly after Laki Senanayake's passing, includes wood thrush calls, highlighted throughout the linked musical piece. Henry David Thoreau said about the wood thrush, "This is the only bird whose note affects me like music. It lifts and exhilarates me. It is inspiring. It changes all hours to an eternal morning." Seylon Stills transports the listener to Laki’s eternal morning at his jungle home Diyabubula.

  • In his Los Angeles cactus garden, artist Klaus Rinke’s philosophy roots his living sculptures; cacti. He delves into the interconnectedness of time, water, and cacti, viewing these seemingly tranquil plants as embodiments of slow growth and mathematical precision. Rinke's contemplation extends to the intriguing anomalies within the cactus community, disrupting the anticipated mathematical perfection and prompting the question: Why does a little cactus aspire to grow uniquely? Here lies the resonance with the Creator archetype—Rinke sees in the relentless growth of these plants a reflection of the fundamental energy of creativity, the drive to make another day, the very essence of life that drives existence itself. Film presented by Nowness.

  • The celebration of artist John Baldessari, as captured in the film narrated by Tom Waits, provides a vivid portrayal of Baldessari's artistic legacy. Waits' narration intertwines seamlessly with the visual journey, revealing the essence of Baldessari's wit and subtle sense of humor, both profoundly evident in his art and reflective of his unique take on life. The film, encapsulating Baldessari's creative spirit, unfolds showcasing his ability to infuse intellect and playfulness into his work. Baldessari emerges as the archetypal Creator. His art becomes a testament to the ceaseless innovation, originality, and the sheer joy of creation—a celebration of the fundamental creative energy that defines the archetype of the Creator. The link provided allows for a deeper immersion into Baldessari's world, capturing the very essence of his artistic brilliance. This film was presented by Bonjour Supermarché

Published ideas of archetype in rasa

  • The psychedelic dub of African Head Charge is a great portrayal of the Creator archetype. Through their innovative fusion of dub, reggae, and psychedelic influences, African Head Charge creates a sonic landscape that goes beyond conventional boundaries. The layering of sounds, rhythms, and instrumentation is ethereal, intricate and unconventional. It presents a profound creative impulse, embodying the Creator archetype's spirit of pushing artistic frontiers. The band's ability to weave auditory experiences, often characterized by unexpected twists and experimental compositions, reflects the transformative power associated with the Creator archetype. In their music, African Head Charge not only embraces tradition but also reshapes it, giving rise to a distinctive and visionary musical realm that resonates with the archetypal energy of creation. In this breakdown of the groundbreaking psychedelic dub by African Head Charge, Andy Beta explains why their music was so unique, and remains so even after forty years.

  • Nan Goldin's photographs exemplify the Creator archetype through her profound exploration of complex and often challenging themes. By delving into subjects like drug use, the impact of AIDS, and the reconstruction of personal identity and community, Goldin transforms her art into a powerful medium for social commentary and introspection. In the aftermath of the 1990s, a period when the glamourization of self-destruction was fading, Goldin's work becomes an authentic expression of the Creator archetype. She embraces the responsibility of reflecting the realities of her time, pushing artistic boundaries to create a visual narrative that goes beyond conventional aesthetics. Goldin's lens becomes a tool for challenging societal norms, fostering dialogue, and ultimately contributing to the evolution of personal and communal understanding. In this way, her work embodies the Creator archetype by courageously engaging with the complexities of human experience and provoking thought and emotion through her art. Among Friends, by Carole Naggar for Mother Jones magazine unpacks this.

  • Photographer Ted Spagna, equally fascinated by the sciences of sleep and technology as by the act of creation, embodies the Creator archetype through his work. His sleep project signifies a departure from the conceptual aspects of science to a more humanistic approach, delving into the intimacy, vulnerability, and emotional spectrum intrinsic to the state of sleep. Captured during the 1970s and ’80s, Spagna's photographs transcend the ordinary portrayal of slumber, revealing not only sorrow and loneliness but also humor and sensuality. During a time when such candid time-lapses of individuals in their natural sleeping state were unprecedented, Spagna's pioneering work continues to captivate audiences, affirming his status as a creator who ventured beyond artistic norms to convey the profound human experience in its unguarded moments. This story about the photo book ‘Sleep’ by Ted Spagna by Lauren Espeseth, for Cool Hunting decodes this. 

Characters channelling archetype in rasa

  • The movie "Almost Famous" (2000) encapsulates the Creator archetype with its poignant exploration of the tumultuous yet transformative world of music journalism in the 1970s. Directed by Cameron Crowe, the film draws heavily from Crowe's own experiences as a teenage journalist for Rolling Stone. The protagonist, played by Patrick Fugit, embarks on a journey of self-discovery as he navigates the dynamic and often chaotic realm of rock and roll. The movie not only captures the vibrant energy of the music scene but also delves into the complexities of artistic creation, authenticity, and the bonds forged amid the chaos of creativity. Through its narrative and characters, "Almost Famous" reflects the spirit of the Creator archetype, celebrating the power of artistic expression, the pursuit of one's unique voice, and the transformative impact of creative endeavors on both the individual and the collective human experience. Almost Famous (y. 2000).

  • Brahma, a central figure in Hinduism, exemplifies the Creator archetype in mythology. Revered as one of the principal deities, Brahma assumes the role of the cosmic architect, credited with the creation of the universe. In Hindu lore, Brahma utilizes his immense creative power to shape and organize the world, illustrating the archetype's essence of bringing forth new realities. Often depicted with four faces, symbolizing the omnipresence of his creative vision, Brahma embodies the profound force behind the genesis of existence. His role as the divine creator underscores the belief in an ever-evolving universe, and Brahma serves as an enduring symbol of the transformative and generative power intrinsic to the Creator archetype within Hindu cosmology. Brahma (Hindu Mythology).

  • Willy Wonka epitomizes the Creator archetype through his eccentricity and inventive prowess as a chocolatier. This iconic character is not merely a confectioner but a visionary artist, showcasing an unparalleled and imaginative approach to the craft of candy-making. Wonka's chocolate factory becomes a whimsical realm where traditional confections are transformed into fantastical creations, reflecting the boundless possibilities of the creative process. His character embodies the spirit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is conventionally expected in the realm of sweets. Wonka's imaginative endeavors mirror the archetype's drive to bring forth novelty, celebrate innovation, and infuse the world with a touch of magic, making him a great representation of the Creator archetype in the realm of storytelling and fantasy. Willy Wonka (Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory").

Channelling the archetype in rasa for business

  • Quasi Skateboards epitomizes the Creator archetype through its evolution from Mother Collective and its seamless transition to the identity of Quasi. The brand seamlessly adapted, reflecting a creative resilience that aligns with the archetype's spirit. Quasi becomes a space where skateboarding ventures into unconventional realms, turning the skateboard deck into a canvas for mind-bending graphics. The amalgamation of trippy dreams with cutting-edge skate-ready technology defines Quasi's approach; it’s artistic expression as much as technical innovation. The brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional skateboarding aesthetics makes it a bold embodiment of the Creator archetype within the skateboarding cult. See Quasi skateboards skate videos and merchandise

  • Rimowa embodies the Creator archetype in its innovative campaign, featuring iconic personalities like Rihanna, Patti Smith, LeBron James, and Roger Federer. The brand goes beyond traditional advertising by aligning with creative icons, a strategic move that reflects a deep understanding of the transformative power of creativity. By associating with these influential figures, Rimowa not only emphasizes the creative and diverse nature of its products but also positions travel as an artistic expression. The collaboration with global superstars symbolizes Rimowa's commitment to breaking conventional boundaries in the luggage industry. In redefining travel and broadening horizons, Rimowa showcases itself as more than just a luggage brand—it becomes a conduit for creativity, self-expression, and a lifestyle that aligns seamlessly with the Creator archetype. “Never Still” campaign; RIMOWA. 

  • In the Prada Fall/Winter 2023 collection, the co-creative director Raf Simons imparted a brief yet impactful speech, underscoring the manifestation of the Creator archetype within the fashion realm. Simons elucidated that the collection revolved around archetypal clothing, where the recognizable underwent a metamorphosis through innovative silhouette and cut, thus transforming the very language of form. The garments, according to Simons, were not merely articles of clothing but embodied the DNA of Prada, intricately woven with fragments of an identity that is unmistakably and fundamentally Prada. This deliberate fusion of recognizable elements with transformative design constitutes a significant gesture toward the brand's heritage and history, all while encapsulating the present meaning of Prada. In essence, the FW23 collection demonstrates the brand's resonance with the Creator archetype, reshaping fashion through a lens that honors tradition while embracing the avant-garde. View Prada FW23 collection.


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