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The jungle will tell you

Image: Polonnaruwa. The National Archives UK

The jungle will tell you

that there is no need for kings,

that the world is anarchy

and although rules are beautiful systems

everything succumbs to consequences.

The jungle will tell you

that words are unnecessary, like temples.

—things erected to mean the things that are too big to be said.

Pointless iterations of the divine

that’s freely available to every mind.

The jungle will tell you that

life always finds a way.

It will assure you that

it’s nothing personal,

purely just survival.

It’ll show you in its slow, gentle crawl

that time is the only law

because everything has an equal and opposite reaction

just like you are a product of your time

part of the ecosystem threading existence together.

The jungle will tell you to never fear,

because everything eventually gets taken

whether by a predator, a parasite, the government, the bank, life, or children.

It’s the way of the jungle.

Everything will return to sacred disorder

—it’s the only law worth abiding.


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