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We ♥ merchandise

Patrons love to buy merchandise from their favourite brands. If you are growing a following; consider creating a collection of merchandise for your business.

It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get your business name out into the market. For established brands, it’s a way to maintain awareness and relevance in the market. If it’s done right, the merch stands out amongst competitors. And if designed to align with your business work culture, it can also increase morale amongst your team.


Ways of unifying your team under a common narrative.


There are appropriate times to sell or give away branded merchandise. Our experience tells us that once a business has started establishing a reputation, usually, there is a segment within your customer base that wants to signal to others that they are part of that. At this point, following up with merchandise is a great way to grow more. This is called is commonly referred to as turning customers into advocates.

Branded merchandise is different from other retail products. Merchandise offers a tangible way to engage with a brand, making it highly consumable.

A quick Google search can show you how merchandise plays a significant role in building recognition and memorability around a business. Merchandise can be unusual, highly tailored items targeting niche groups like your business advocates. Other kinds of merchandise can be designed to appeal to a wider audience like your first-time patrons.

We can help you make these decisions and build a story for your business that is meaningful to the selected group. We can also consult in getting the merchandise made, with recommendations and guidelines based on our experience.


Want to tell a story, that is interesting and emotive, with your merchandise?


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