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“I think about this, not like someone thinking, but like someone breathing,
And I look at flowers and I smile...
I don’t know if they understand me
Or if I understand them,
But I know the truth is in them and in me
And in our common divinity
Of letting ourselves go and live on the Earth
And carrying us in our arms through the contented seasons
And letting the wind sing us to sleep
And not have dreams in our sleep.”
― Fernando Pessoa

There is something distinct about the sense of peace that nature inspires in us. It isn’t the ‘human peace’ that comes in the aftermath of accomplishment or safety; it’s the tranquillity of not wanting more than this Earth, of dissolving yourself as another sensation.

This set of postcards was selected from our catalogue to bring about this sense of contented peace we find in nature—in the still beauty of a flower, the quiet climb of a tree towards the sun, in the symmetry of a fruit, and the way animals simply sit taking this world in. Some people use these postcards to share stories with friends via snail mail; some put them up on walls as framed art.


Set of five 7” x 5” postcards inducing the shānta rasa

Earth is enough: set of 5 postcards

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