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Be thou an example

Archetype: Explorer

Rasa: Kāruṇyam

The book cover said “Be Thou an Example”; I felt old all of a sudden…

Up the street from our house, there's a shop with hundreds of old books. We went looking for a NATGEO magazine for my birthday.

There’s this thing we do. We hunt for an issue printed on the day our friends were born; look and see what was remarkable at that time. Think of it like a horoscope; shot in Kodachrome film.

Page 47 is earmarked with a receipt that tells me if I lose; things will be very difficult. But the shop didn’t have my birthday issue. In fact; 1989 was the earliest they had. It occurred to me right then and there, that I was older than most people’s NATGEO subscription.

“As You Like It” said the other title; in a stack of Shakespear books. So I stopped myself from analyzing the meaning of all this and left immediately.

But not before getting the JUNE 1989, NATGEO issue; “The March Towards Extinction.”


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