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Create content worth their attention

Think about what catches your attention; what stops you from scrolling past a post; or why you visit an online store again. Which particular newsletter do you actually open? Usually, what they all have in common are stories that offer something of value—whether it’s insight, news, amusement, empathy, hope, beauty or entertainment.

Although most dictionaries define ‘content’ as any substance that fills space, the recent use of the word has taken a definite focus on information designed to be consumed online. When we say content, we’re talking about stories made to fit your online platforms and appeal those audiences.

When creating content, we recommend it supplement your business goals in a way that customers look forward to hearing from you. Effective content works because it’s meaningful; it also helps in making your brand memorable for the right reasons. Just consider how you subconsciously place value in the conversations with those who habitually send those 'Good morning' messages on WhatsApp, and those who share interesting stories in the group chat.

Stories for websites, blogs, and social media are the most common content orders we get from our clients, followed by commissions for film scripts and online publications. Occasionally, we take on more complex content forms too—like playlists.


Read more about spaces with stories here.


We help our clients develop consistent and meaningful online stories that align with business goals. Because content with a good story is good business. As you know, there is less friction when customers trust who and what they're buying. We found that connecting with customers through shared values and affinities is a good place to start building trust. If you follow a consistent narrative that, over time, turns into a sort of kinship. Whether it be growing your brand awareness, turning customers into advocates, improving customer retention, driving sales, growing a community, or establishing authority and industry expertise, our experience has taught us that stories designed to supplement business goals have the best return on investment.


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