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Immersive stories

We approach the design of these kinds of stories in the same way we do others—starting with a brand articulation framework for your business. This ensures that the story we are planning has a consistent and familiar narration and visual language throughout the space.

Due to their ability to create whole, three-dimensional experiences, spatial stories can influence people to remarkable extents. A story that surrounds people can direct them on a path through space. Wayfinding and signage, for example, is a kind of storytelling that moves customers to different destinations.

Storytelling through spaces is particularly useful for businesses like restaurants, vacation homes, resorts, museums, libraries, and learning spaces; where a customer, guest, or visitor is looking to discover something meaningful through the location.

When we set out to design a story for a space, experience has taught us to consider the limitations of the space and the team in charge of maintaining it after it’s installed. Poor maintenance is surely going to affect the longevity of your investment. In addition to understanding your business plans, and budget, we work within production techniques and materials available to your team. Another valuable insight is that spaces have a life of their own. There’s often what the place itself lends to; then, there’s the influence of the surroundings and the inhabitants. These are some of the considerations we’ve learned to include in our process.


Want to bring a story into your space?


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