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Printed stories are special

Art prints are our most frequently ordered kind of printed story. Second, are book commissions; particularly book design. Since material and printing costs are relatively expensive in Sri Lanka, where our studio is based, a printed story format can take more time and resources.

We always encourage clients to explore print for special situations that play to the strengths of the medium—like a memoir for a business, a family storybook immortalizing a wedding, or a story designed to be framed on a wall where the space is meant to evoke a particular mood. In some cases, the print or publication as an object of desire has meaning in addition to the story itself.

Printed stories, particularly printed publications, are held by human hands. The reading experience is part of the consideration when designing a book or magazine. We consider the pace of the layout, and flow of the text as important criteria for quality in terms of experience and market value.

An important question we ask our clients is whether the printed story will be sold and the price range they are aiming for. This information can help shape a production budget when a client is not sure how much of an investment to make on a printed story.

Print stories help businesses and people establish tangible, sensorial memories and associations with groups that are important to them; they're perfect for milestones and marking special events worth remembering and revisiting.


Want to get an idea of the printing cost for a book? Try our book design calculator



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