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These incense holders have been made by repurposing fisherman’s weights washed up on the ocean shores of the east coast. Occasionally recovered by fishermen and most often left to crumble and join the sand over time, you sometimes find these fascinating objects scattered on beaches near active fishing communities. They have been hand cast with a cement mix that has a higher sand proportion, giving them that grainy texture used in strictly non-ornamental cement objects. We love this earnest utilitarian beauty and origins as much as the stories they hold as items that went out into the sea, day after day, with hardworking people who live and toil in nature. Now they can retire in new lives, with a completely different purpose.


With a pebble placed to secure the incense stick in the hole, these pieces can hold large incense sticks as well as small ones. Each repurposed incense holder comes with a massive incense stick lasting five full hours in still air (Smart Giant sticks by Lanka Sumedha, hand rolled here in Sri Lanka with a blend of odoriferous resins, gums, spices and essential oils, 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and Ozone friendly).



After the sea: repurposed incense holders

  • Horseshoe:  L7”  x H1.75” x W4” 

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