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There are probably only a few minds recorded in the history of humankind that had the intellectual complexity of Carl Gustav Jung’s. Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, artist, and writer, Jung formed some of the most important ideas that shaped our understanding of the mind and its workings. Jung is certainly a brilliant polymath; some of his works are still unpublished, with his Black Books only being released for the first time less than two years ago.


Just scratching the surface of the volumes of work that Carl Jung has created—a rich and enormous body of drawings, paintings, poetry, theories and essays—we see the remarkable span of knowledge that he was capable of processing. He walked the line between the scientist and artist; simultaneously rational and emotional; studying both mind and soul. For us, this is the very essence of being a student of life—boundary-breaking, visionary and open to all interpretations. 


His ideas on the collective unconscious, archetypes, persona and shadow have shaped other creators looking to model and project the human psyche. Our work in storytelling has drawn a lot from Carl Jung’s work to typify brand personalities and project their patterns, values and desires. 


We created this screen-printed T-shirt of Carl Jung as part of a series featuring some of our favourite sages. A ‘Sage’—a relentless pursuer of truth and knowledge—is one of the archetypes in Jungian psychology we use for storytelling. The Sage archetype is special to us as a business because it’s one of the primary archetypes shaping Public Works. This T-shirt series featuring some remarkable Sages is for everyone looking to understand this world a little better.


* Each is printed by hand. This is why every print is unique and slightly different from all others, and each carries marks of being made by human hands.

Carl Jung: screen-printed T-shirt

On demand
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