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✺ I mean no harm.
Have no fear. 
I see you. Come, see me.


The open, outstretched palm carries a universal message. It’s an invitation to let go of fear and animosity. It’s also associated with spiritual exchange, openness to new ideas, and connecting minds. This is why it has become such a widespread symbol in religion, building a close association with spiritual leaders and divinity. As the Abhaya mudra in Hindu and Buddhist iconography, it’s a reassuring gesture of kindness, nonviolence and empathy. In yogic philosophy, it’s a hand seal that brings about fearlessness. In the iconography of Abrahamic religions, the outstretched palms of prophets and saints express the sincerity of the blessing, while the floating open hand symbolises the omnipresent divine. But, the open-hand gesture predates the emergence of current religions. Because it displays the hands empty of weapons or devices, this gesture has been used as a sign of good intentions between strangers throughout history. It’s a wonderful gesture, speaking wordlessly, of friendship. 


This hand-pulled screen prints series explores the sense of serenity and wonder connected to the gesture of the open palm.

(two-colour print, A2 sized)

Have no fear: two-colour screen-print

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