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To purchase — WhatsApp +94 777 647 096 or DM us on Instagram. 

“What’s on that T-shirt?”


“The key to the universe.”


“I can’t really see it.”


“Yeah, exactly.”


The image on this T-shirt is a theosophical depiction of planes in the solar system. It’s from an early nineteenth-century text by the Sri Lankan theosophist and occultist Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa. This curious image appeared in the book ‘The First Principles of Theosophy’ published in 1921. We've recreated it as a screen-print in a single colour print using fluorescent ink on this cotton blend T-shirt.


* Each is printed by hand. This is why every print is unique and slightly different from all  others, and each carries marks of being made by human hands.

Key to the universe: Screen-printed (fluorescent ink) T-shirt

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