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“Don't camouflage yourself for the sake of acceptance. It will eventually render you invisible. Risk being you for all you are—the good, the bad and the ugly in all your glory. Even if they don’t like it, you’ll be free. Remember, truth is the most honourable thing”

This vintage German Silver ashtray was discovered at a private estate sale in Thimbirigasyaya with no memories or records of its previous origins. Most vintage ashtrays tend to be heavily embellished and stylized; camouflaged as ornaments; such ashtrays almost seem to reflect the general social disdain towards smoking as an act that should be hidden. But, this vintage ashtray leaves no ambiguity about its purpose. Crafted in German silver, which is a copper alloy with nickel and zinc, it has a straightforward, unpretentious beauty to it. We appreciate how it says what it is without a hint of doubt, as much as the beautiful proportions and material.

Live by, die by: vintage ashtray

Only 1 left in stock
  • 4.5”

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