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Some can never belong to the masses. They stand out—odd, striking, never quite like the rest—always outsiders. Sometimes, a band of outsiders find synchronicity in their shared otherness and form an interesting set of outcasts. We see this in all major movements where rebellious spirits come together forming unlikely alliances between people from completely different walks of life—odd mixes of backgrounds in affluence, privilege, poverty, and marginalization breaking boundaries and finding common ground. 


This set of plates came together like that when we searched for oddballs among dinner plates. In this set of six, curated over a six-year period, each is a unique plate with something striking about it. Some are from high-end boutiques and brands with legacies and some were discovered in staple department stores while others were picked up from roadside vendors selling ceramic rejects and artisans handcrafting special pieces.

Outsiders: set of 6 dinner plates

Only 1 left in stock
  • All plates between 10.5" -11"

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