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We all have a little bit of the sun, the moon, and the stars in us. We’re part earth, wind, fire and sea; Swarms of salt, dust, liquid, gas, elements and states in constant flux; Electrons and planets spinning around a star, all circling the same paths. This is why we are never as simple as black, brown or white, or as plain as wrong or right. 


This fascinating image is a theosophical depiction of planes in the solar system. It’s from an early nineteenth-century text by the Sri Lankan theosophist Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa. Theosophy is one of the many spiritual views that explore the cosmic interconnection and the accommodation of the entirety within ourselves. This diagram appeared in the book ‘The First Principles of Theosophy’ published in 1921. We find it a curious exploration into how each substance has relations that express all the others, and consequently, become a living mirror of the entire universe.


(Single colour, A2 print)

Planes of the solar system

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