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The will to stand against the currents, to go against the grain; to speak what no one wants to say; to break the mold; to challenge the norm; to break the known world open with revolt… 


This set of postcards ‘wayward’ channels the storytelling archetype of the rebel. Also known as the iconoclast, the spirit of this archetype is to unceremoniously break through established systems, whether political, cultural, spiritual or social. 


Wayward postcard set features a compilation of prints and photographs that portray unforgettable rebels and immortalize acts and ideas of nonconformity. It includes Zeenat Aman as Janice—a rebellious, pot-smoking nymphet that became one of Bollywood’s most iconic characters—from the 1971 film Haré Rama Haré Krishna and a caricature of Ahmed Arabi —the famed Egyptian nationalist and rebel leader exiled to Ceylon—published in 1883 Vanity Fair; Indian art legend Gaganendranath Tagore’s 1917 work titled ‘Brahmin of Kaliyuga’, a redemptive and funny illustration of an angry woman breaking a clay pot on two fighting men drawn by the Sri Lankan comic artist Bandula Harischandra, and a 1907 photograph by Herbert Ponting featuring a Benarasi sannyasin on a spiritual path less traveled. 


Some people use these postcards to share stories with friends via snail mail; some put them up on walls as framed art.


Wayward: set of 5 postcards

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