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Screen-printed curtains

Listen, O lord of the meeting rivers,

things standing shall fall,

but the moving ever shall stay. 

  • Basavanna, ( 1973, Speaking of Siva, translated by A. K. Ramanujan)


Shiva—the deity that Hindus worship as Mahadev (Great god)—is a representation of the universal principle of transcendence. His dance is a symbol for how all things are unified in one primal rhythm participating in the cosmic dance of expansion and contraction. It’s this magnificent image of the universe in flux that Shaivites equate to Shiva.


While most divine symbols tend to be modeled after socially accepted sensibilities, Shiva stands out as an idea of a universal superconsciousness that disregards ideas of civility and properness. Shiva iconography depicts him naked with an erect phallus signifying perpetual bliss, or clad in animal skin with matted hair. Other times, his depictions involve dancing in total abandonment or ingesting hallucinogens like cannabis or datura. It's not just his iconography that identifies Shiva as a god unlike others—it’s also his many names. Shiva devotees have attributed 108 names to him. As Vamadev he is referred to as the lord of less-traveled paths to spiritual liberation; called Aja, he is dubbed ‘unmanifest’. As ‘Antak’ he is the end of all things. As ‘Ardhanārīswata’ he transcends gender. Called ‘Ekavratya’ he is the unorthodox sage. 


These beautiful typographic curtains carry a pattern with the name ‘Shiva’. We've tailored simple loops to make this beautiful piece into a functional hanging. Never been washed. Handwash lightly or dry clean. 



Satyam Shivam Sundaram: screen-printed wall hanging

Only 4 left in stock
  • Cotton

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