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There is a persistence to the appeal of Krishna—a deeply humanised symbol of the divine. 


In Pavan K. Varma’s book of Krishna he says, “Krishna is an extremely lovable god. His divinity is accessible and his personality has human resonances in such plenitude, that almost immediately, the gap between the mortal and the immortal is bridged.” 


Krishna is a bridge of empathy between the human and the superhuman—flawed, deliriously in love with life, lucid, wise, humorous, shrewd and kind among many other intensely human things. 


K. Varma says further in his book of Krishna, “The godhood of Krishna was never supposed to be put on a remote and aloof pedestal. The love and the reverence he invoked were never meant to be monochromatic. Almighty, serene, and beyond all categories at one level, hardly diminishes this joyous and even extravagant humanization, at another.”


✺ Screen-printed cotton wall hanging. 47” W x 65” L


Krishna: screen-printed cotton wall hanging

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