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✺ W38cm H53cm - single-colour screen-print


The one you can never look full in the face; the one who brings you to see everything else; Iru, Sol, Sūryuḍu, Ra, Ki'sómma, Sumak, Súvar, Ravi, Cūriyaṉ, Sūrya… the one, the only.


If there was one unanimous concept of divinity and supremeness crossing all human cultures, that would be of the sun. Undeniable, integral and paramount to every morsel of life on Earth, the sun commands a form of unconscious reverence from even the most cynical atheist. 


After all, it’s not a matter of spirituality, beliefs or even gratitude; our connection to the sun is a matter as primal and as brutal as survival. It’s never an option. 


This screen-print capturing the striking, blinding magnificence of the sun is based off a photograph shot using a 3 1/2-inch telescope and a Hydrogen Alpha filter which blocks everything but a very narrow slice of the deep red light of the visible spectrum. It’s a tribute to our life star—the primary source of all the energy coursing through every life on Earth.



The one; single-colour screen-print

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