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The beauty of the turquoise stone is in how it reminds us of our earthly home. Blue for the seas, hints of forests in the green, the occasional speck of shimmering pyrite for the many lights and black oxide veins that run across its mineral skin like etches of mountains and rivers… just the way we like to cradle the Earth in our memory—especially now that it’s worn and torn, more than ever, in need of safeguarding.


Cherished by humans from the time of the old worlds of Aztecs, Egyptians and Native Americans, turquoise is a semi-precious stone that has a timeless appeal. Its striking blue is so unique that the colour itself was coined after the stone. The name ‘turquoise’ connects to its history of being brought to Europe through Istanbul earning a reputation as the ‘Turkish stone’. To many it’s the December birthstone; to some cultures, it's a symbol of devotion and in others a component of rain rituals. We think it’s a beautiful piece of Earth and a reminder of her abundance, calling us to protect, nourish and safeguard.


This beautiful turquoise stone has been mounted to a silver ring without altering its natural, uncut shape. Handcrafted by Leap Studio’s Mihiri Devendra, this special piece, where a perfectly preserved stone is held by a circular silver nest, is ever more reminiscent of the sentiments of earthly devotion that turquoise inspires.

Piece of precious: turquoise & silver ring

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