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Silk Scarves

Little Bang Kitchen logo design

This is the word symbol that represents the Little Bang Kitchen brand. It is the visual representation of the place identity and becomes its foremost representative element. It portrays a universal signature for the restaurant/bar, allowing all visual brand communications to become seamless experiences. At a subconscious level, it gives strong cues to the Little Bang Kitchen personality.


The wordmark lettering is a bespoke sans serif, created for this brand. The letters were rotated and rendered to give dimension with a thick chopping blocking likeness. It captures the playful and savvy characteristics of the archetypes jester and hero. The wordmark was designed to be used as a stand-alone wordmark or in tandem with the full name logotype stamp. It is recommended to use the logotype stamp only when supplemented by the logotype block or in conjunction with another branded or product-specific image. 


The logo can be used with different recommended graphic supplements. These logo supplements have been designed to be used as expressive alternatives to the logotype block. They make a family of icons signify different parts of the brand personality spectrum. It is recommended that a single colour be used for these icons, and black be used for the logotype, or a high contrasting colour so the LBK logotype block or stamp always remain the hero.

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