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What does your brand look like, and what does it say?

There’s always an articulate persona beneath the surface of our work. It’s how we find a path to a story.

Whether it be the origins of the business, the values it aims to uphold, the community it supports or the lifestyle it aspires to; the story is made from the perspective of the persona. We call this a brand articulation framework or BAF.

The BAF drives all creative decisions. It keeps the narrative consistent and on track; in other words, on-brand. It resolves creative conflicts, avoids biases, and unifies the project team under a common narrative.

Every business is unique and makes the discovery process interesting. BAFs usually clarify aspects of your business work culture that leads to better staff onboarding and uncover insights that improve marketing strategies. Often our clients enjoy this part as much as we do; particularly when it helps them with the former.

In some cases, particularly when it comes to an established business looking to scale, we conduct brand articulation workshops. These guided sessions have the same aim as our BAF questionnaire but yield much more information about the business. The outcome is a comprehensive report and staff development in line with the business core.


Want to see an example of a BAF report? Learn more


As inquisitive storytellers, we are interested in your business narrative. As designers, we enjoy the process of identifying the characteristics of the business persona in the way a good brief does. As business owners, we are preoccupied with costs and earnings. This practice and over 20+ years in brand design are what’s underpinning our ability to articulate the face, voice, and character that tells a meaningful story.


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